Madurai Meenakshi Temple in Minecraft - Next Step : North Tower

Let's Build the North Tower Next. Here are the few characteristics. We will be using

    <li>Chiseled Stone Bricks</li>
    <li>Stone Steps</li>
    <li>Stone Slab</li>

    I have set a note in the north direction as where the North tower will be.  The dimesions of the North Tower will be:

    1. Bottom will be 15 x 15 Chiseled Stone Brick Rectangle.
    2. Height of the Bottom Slab will be 3 blocks (Chiselled Stone)
    3. Then the Tower itself will be 12 blocks height, with each layer reducing in circumference from the one below, giving a illusion of a conical shape. We will use Stone Steps here for this effect.
    4. When 12 stone steps are completed on both front and back. They should meet at the top for one block size.
    5. We will put 3 ornamented blocks on top. Thus the size of the structure will be 15 blocks in height.

    North Tower will be the experimental one and we can try to build as it looks good and gain knowledge.

    I have given an example of how tall the tower will be and how the tower needs to be build. You just need to fill in the sqaure in that shape and it will look like a tower.


    Madurai Meenakshi Temple in Minecraft - Day 1

    We set out with Multiplayer Level Seed: 104079552 and on Version 1.7.9 of Vanilla Minecraft. On Day 1, with 7 people cooperating for 2 hours, we set the ground work.   2014-06-21_22.52.40     This was good work. Previously there stood a mountain in the middle. It's gone now.

    Note for players Note for players

    Madurai Meenakshi Temple in Minecraft - Idea Phase

    Minecraft is a popular game which has captured the attention many young people and gamers.  One of the modes in minecraft is called the "creative mode" enables the players, either individually or cooperatively build something within the game. The possibilities of this mode is endless and folks build castles of their dreams, beautiful houses to entire cities within the game.  The experience is very similar to how these castles are built on mud near the beach or using lego bricks, but this is done in software and unlike lego bricks, parts available in minecraft are unlimited. Imagination is truly the only limit in the creative mode.  And the best we can do is streach it as much as we can.  For inspiration, have a look at some of the creations here:

    This is summer vacation time for many and in this summer vacation, I and some of my young friends set out to build
    If you think about it, it is an ambitious and a interesting project.  If it captures someone's imagination, they are going to have a very good time building this in minecraft.
    Folks in the internet have already build some  amazing creations  so why not we do something which we know or have seen in front of our eyes like Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple.
    This started as an idea with Summer Camp conduted by one of our friends and they were able to organize a group of intermediate schoolers (4th, 5th, 6th grades) and highschoolers to a club house and get started on the project.
    And we got started. Huzzah!  Follow additional posts with that tag minecraft to know how we are doing.