Mapping Programming to mathematics

Alex: We do not need to map programming to mathematics. Programming by its nature is a mathematical discipline, since programs manipulate abstract mathematical objects such as integers, shapes, sequences, etc.

quote from Alexander A Stepanov.

Uttama Villian

It is well known that Kamal Hassan wants screenplay of movies to be of the standards of literature.  If Uttma Villian's screenplay is written as a book, then Indian readers will recognize and love the humor of Tennali Raman embedded within a story of a modern vacuous movie star, who as soon as he comes to face with his knowledge of death, strives for immortality through art, relationships and love.

Elon Musk

In an interview with Khan Academy, when asked how does he consider the risks when embarking on high risk missions like Space X or  high speed tunnels, he said, he considers, success is in the envelop of possibilities, and therefore goes about pursuing them.

Edsger W. Dijkstra

In their capacity as a tool, computers will be but a ripple on the surface of our culture. In their capacity as intellectual challenge, they are without precedent in the cultural history of mankind.