Blockchain Demo is the simplest, and the intuitive explaination of blockchain that I come across until now. In the very short youtube video, author leads us starting from a hashing function, a block, the concept of signature in the block, then a blockchain, a distributed blockchain, the concept of immutablity in the blockchain and the distributed blockchain, recording transactions in the blockchain, and verifying transactions in the blockchain.

Book Review: The Collapsing Universe

The Collapsing Universe: The Story of Black HolesThe Collapsing Universe: The Story of Black Holes by Isaac Asimov
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Good Doctor once again explains Cosmology in lucid terms. He starts off with simple premises, known facts, composes and slowly leads up to higher concepts, ultimately leading to the concept of "Black Hole". The book had a "trill" factor to it, as we discover the nature of black holes and what constitutes a black hole and how the universe might have formed.

I was "wow"ed by this book.

Some exciting learning here with this book. I learnt about the following:

I'll be a hummingbird

This is an inspiring short video. This is very relevant to me because in many projects, especially the big ones, I feel like the things are not designed well. The situation is chaotic, it's burning all the time. Most of us are like those big resourceful animals in this story. Instead, if we be the hummingbird, the experience is well worth it.

Microsoft and IBM PC History

No matter how many times I read this story, it never gets boring to me. I finished reading a two part article on Microsoft and IBM PC history featured in Ars Technica UK.

If you are programmer working in this industry, go ahead and consume those pieces. You will turn out a bit more enlightened at the end.

Science of Abstractions

Fundamentally, computer science is a science of abstraction — creating the right model for thinking about a problem and devising the appropriate mechanizable techniques to solve it. - From a Ullman book.

Abstraction is not a complex concept. And abstraction in the sense we use it implies simplification, the replacement of a complex and detailed real-world situation by an understandable model within which we can solve a problem. That is, we “abstract away” the details whose effect on the solution to a problem is minimal or nonexistent, thereby creating a model that lets us deal with the essence of the problem.

Computer Bugs - Roundoff Error and the Patriot Missile


  • During the Gulf War in 1991, a U.S. Patriot missile failed to intercept an
  • Iraqi Scud missile, and 28 Americans were killed.
  • A later study determined that the problem was caused by the inaccuracy of the binary representation of 0.10.
  • The Patriot incremented a counter once every 0.10 seconds.
  • It multiplied the counter value by 0.10 to compute the actual time. However, the (24-bit) binary representation of 0.10 actually corresponds to 0.099999904632568359375, which is off by 0.000000095367431640625.
  • This doesn’t seem like much, but after 100 hours the time ends up being off by 0.34 seconds—enough time for a Scud to travel 500 meters!
  • Professor Skeel wrote a short article about this.

Scale of 256bit security

This video titled How Security is 256 bit security attempts to give a sense of scale as we can understand. The context of this is Bitcoins which have SHA256 as the crypt algorithm. Other alt-coins have different algorithms for their crypts.

Compiler Design Concepts in Tamil and Hindi

I came across this Youtube channel, wherein a person by name Santhosh is explaining very hard to understand Compiler Design Concepts in Tamil

His playlist is here

I also came across compiler design lecture explanation in Hindi by a different people.

These are hard concepts. Even after reading the book, if I am struggling to understand; viewing these videos seems give a comfort and confidence. Something to say about the languages that we grew up with.