Steve Waugh

"I see myself as an average guy who tries to help out my mates and loves my sport. I think in some ways, I'm sort of an underdog and a bit of a battler. I've always had to fight hard for my spot and to achieve what I have, and I've had to give 100%. I think Australians like to see that in people and they like to recognise it." - Steve Waugh

why did'nt they ask evans?

Thats an Agatha Christie title! Read the book over the weekend and got a glimpse at the talent of Queen of Crime. this was my first entry into the world of agatha chritie. she has got a very nice writing style, attention to the details and seems an excellent story teller :)


Maheswata is a story of a beautiful girl called Anupama, who suddenly has to face life in all its cruel possiblities. After suffering enough,she starts to take things in her stride, fights back with courage and finally takes on to bring meaning to her life.

There are too many life-lessons in this novel. This novel brings forth many subtle issues of human mind with regard to beauty; the issue of security of a woman in this male dominated society of India;what does mans love for a beautiful woman might mean; the plight of talented, motherless girl when born in a poor family; how sometimes a good person has undergo a lot of suffering for no fault; even through all these bleaks there are ofcourse good people living in this world. There are many a issues presented which might lead you to introspect.

Thank you, dearest Madam Sudha Murthy for such a wonderful Novel.


Imagine a world as being covered with a dark atmosphere, choking with smoke and clouds, air so thick that no light could glimmer through it - well, this is what our earth would soon look like. The black background symbolizes this darkness, pollution, smoke and all the bad elements arising out of man's creation.

With growing temperature, rising global warming, ozone layer depletion, and the earth is becoming a ball of fire. The varying shades of yellow, orange and red in concentric circles depict the exponential growth of the intensity of fire with time.

To prevent his cherished creation going in perils, God comes to rescue. This super human power extends his hand to help mankind. His touch creates a spark, giving rise to a strong thought of a new green revolution on earth. Man needs to be aware of this to bring back the old greener earth where he lived. As this small thought gets created on each human mind, the beautiful twigs sprout into tender green leaves.

Let this GENESIS of thought for a "green revolution" be deep rooted in the human mind.

- Collage by Praveen,Aarthi,Raj and Senthil prepared for the Environment day.


Rapple is Lightweight XML based transformation tool written in C that builds upon expat, tidylib and XSLT to tranform authored web content (incl. Word processor generated HTML) into styled web content suitable for publication.

Its a nice feeling when becoming member of a sourceforge project.
Thanks a lot Alan, for including me in the development list.
Try the Rapple Demo now!!

Forming a Habit

Somewhere I seem to have read that doing something regularly for 21 continuous days forms a habit in you.
Well, I am going to try it from today. Long desired habit and somewhat tough.
So. trying to get my arse pained by sitting at the same place continuosly for some defined number of hours.

Tried with Google Adsense at number of places today. This blog. At
necsus and would be making the Uthcode thing as well. I had put Uthcode in my resume, but I would like to remove it. I would like to concentrate on it a different entity in itself.

Did a Bungee

Did a Bungee Jump today. Me and Raj.

The first free fall from 140 meters above was terrific. I watched and felt the surroundings when I went up. The night lights, the traffic,the road and people far below. Just when I got ready, the guy incharge of the Jump pushed me down.
It was like Woah.....