Its been sometime..

Its been sometime since I worked uptil 04:20:28. Had some discussions with friends and completed my work and did the project management as well. Python is catching up well. Thats really a cool language. Once I should get sufficiently familar, it should be like writing english.

q to myself:

  • find the difference between and re.match.

  • read python faq.

Recent books and movies

Recent Books include:

  • Comics: Tintin: Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon. A good entertainer, am a long time fan of tintin.
  • The Mythical Man Month. Excellent Essays on Software Engineering by Fred Brookes. You will notice his experience of managing a large software project speaking in this book. The book gives a good insight into the software development process. If you are a software developer,tester or a manager, you should read this book.
  • The Code Book by Simon Singh. This book is about history of Crypography and many stories in field of crypography. Would generate a kindda of interest in you for crypography and you would also being to appreaciate the efforts of people who have worked hard to make the cryptography related things possible.


  • Munich. It was Okay. You can watch it once. It was a kind of Standard Speilberg.
  • The Incredibles Excellent One. I dont know why I missed watching this in the theatre. I enjoyed it much. Dash's run was just too good.
  • Ice Age2. I watched it twice. I enjoyed it very much the first time. The scenaries are well made and story line is Okay. But still very enjoyable.
  • Da Vinci Code Good one again. I wanted to watch this after reading the book, but I decided to watch it anyways. Found it be very interesting. The movie is gripping even if you know the story. (Kindda alternative history that Jesus was married to Mary magdalene and they had child and their generation is still present now)

thats all I can remember for the recent past.

Rapple 1.0 Release :)

Project Site:

Home Page:

From: Alan Moran


To: [email protected]

Date: Nov 27, 2005 6:06 PM

Subject: [Rapple-devel] Rapple 1.0 Released!

I have just released rapple 1.0 via FRS onto This release (along with tests,

resources and website docs) has been tagged


Many thanks to all involved in meeting this deadline.

There are still places where we can improve and

features we can add but I think it is important that a

functional version is made public so that we can begin

to understand how end users see the tool. The

progress we have made so far in quality (e.g., unit

test framework) and documentation (e.g., Doxygen and

website) is great and gives us a good basis to start


I have tentatively put together a roadmap for release

1.1 (you can see this on the website now) so let's put

some ideas together for what should be done and what

we need to fix or improve on in the current


Thanks for all your input!