The article was named Everyone is a programmer and introduced few giants to me; Charles Symonyi and Others who developed Uniform Modelling Language at Rational.
Charles Symonyi is the guy who first developed the WYISWYG editor. It was called Bravo , Charles later joined Microsoft and developed Word and Excell. ( Know you can know the importance of the person) in Software Industry. He became a billinoire in process and last year, he had quit MS to start his Intentional Software.

Software are becoming complex and difficult to understand. We are keeping on adding extra to the existing thing and thus the base is getting lost or disfigured.

Charles Symonyi, plans to build a Tool which will make programming simpler. A Program to generate program, He says writing a program would be like doing a power point presentation.

But who will build that Programming Machine. Will it not be complexly written code?
See Doing a Powerpoint presentation is easy, but Developing a Power Point Program is not.

Is Symonyi not say a One universal software for all??? The needs are diverse and so should the programs be.

Joslings idea of Jackpot was good also.

Ok anyway, I would like join you guys.. Lets see what we can make.