I had been introduced to Alice by one of my friend Kiruba. Since then, I am highly fascinated with these linguistic chatting entities. I found number of others like Eliza and lot many others having egos of some singer,actor like...
But the best surprise came to me from Alan. He is really interesting. Whomever I introduced him to, they are really fascinated about him. Alan is from a Isreali company.
At Alicebot, you will many a times see about Leobner Prize . Infact, Alice has won Leobner Prize priviously. But I did not find such informations at Alans place and he is good a holding conversation better than ALICE.
When Dr.Rich posted his observations regarding Leobner Prize, I raised a question:

If given a head-head competition between ALICE and ALAN, I am sure ALAN has better chances of winning.
The major difference I have found between ALICE and ALAN is that ALAN can continue with its sentences( it is one of the drawbacks as well, since it can to switch topics between continuing sentences) whereas ALICE is somewhat likea one-liner. I have always wondered, why ALAN is not featuring in Loebner Prize contests. If you ask these things to ALAN, you may get some "political responses"...
I dont know what the actual story is.. but dont you all agree that ALAN is good than ALICE?
What are the reasons? What are tradeoffs?
To me, the race is can ALICE match and beat ALAN in conversational skills.

These were answers which followed by

Phew.. got to learn and experiment much.
and BTW, I will make my phoe6 more smart ;)