On becoming an expert C programmer

You asked:

``Tell me what I should do in order to keep strong feelings
towards C.''
Permit me to babble out a few random thoughts ...

Write programs for other people.

Where possible, openly publish your code, perhaps on your web site. The
http://freshmeat.net/ site is a good place to announce new code. (It is
a strange web site name, but they are legit and THE place to announce
new code). Support the code that you publish.

Start small and work your way up ... Some of my more popular code is
actually small code fragments that are used by others over and over

Don't be discouraged if nobody (or if only a few people) uses some of
your early programs. What is important is to practice writing quality,
well commented code ... to maintain and fix that code.

I found this really useful and inspirational once again.

Thanks Chongo!

I take it again.


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