Torvalds again:

What Linux myths or misconceptions do you find particularly galling?

I don't get upset that easily, so I can't say that there is any in
particular that I find galling. One myth that I find interesting, but
which has nothing to do with Linux or even the IT sector in particular,
is the myth of how a single person or even a single company makes a huge
difference in the market. It's the belief that things happen because
somebody was visionary and "planned" it that way. Sometimes the people
themselves seem to believe it, and then the myth becomes hubris.

I have to continually try to explain to people that no, I don't
"control" what happens in Linux. It's about having an environment that
is conducive to development, not so much about any particular leader.
And I think that is true in most cases, be it the "great sport coach" or
the "great spiritual leader."


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