Movie Review: Happy Feet

From Spastics Society of Karnataka Recreation club we all went to movie Happy Feet today.

Its a wonderful movie and one of the very good ones i have seen ever. The imagination of the animators will always bring a smile (an expression of wonder) in your face when you are watching the movie. With the first half filled with loads of fun, the second part takes a more serious turn where it appeals to human a concern for nature and shows the damage are doing. While watching the movie, you will being to show a lot of concern for mumble, the protognist, and wish him that he succeeds in his mission which you have begun to appreciate.

The movie has a star studded voice cast and the animation is just amazing! Kudoes to the australian team which worked on that.

Everyone of us who went, tried the tap dance at the end of happy feet.

Had a good time.

btw, I got into a habit of reading wikipedia article on the movie after I watch any movie. They provide a lot of interesting information and trivia.

We were discussing that LoveLace is voiced by Robbin Williams, but Ramon is also Robbin Williams. And mumble is Elijah Wood ( Frodo in LoTR), Ramya had forgot his name but she pointed out that its main character from LoTR. The group 4 fun-loving group of small penguins who call themselves amigos in the movie is a category called Adelie. Mumble and others are Emperor penguins and emperor penguins in reality get together with their soul mates using songs only! :-) The movie is decided to Steve Irvin.

Happy feet is another good one from Australia.


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