I watched Vishwaroopam on 24th of Jan when it was released in the bay area. Vishwaroopam is a very simple movie, which goes about doing it's job in a fast paced way, there is no message told, there is no philosophy sold, there is no nothing in this  movie if you are looking for any anti communal thoughts or speech. If you are Tamil movie watcher, it is like an action king Arjun movie, or puratchi kalaignar, Vijayakanth movie with Kamal Hassan's elements in it. There are traces of fun intelligent style scenes like the "Nanban" movie and all of them make a good package for an entertainer. If you want resemblances to a hollywood movie, then it is like a Dark Knight movie for it's action and thrill elements. But if there is one clear message we are getting, then the message is not from the movie itself, but from the behavior of certain groups and the Indian state governments. And the clear message is this:

"An ordinary peace loving person is not safe in Tamil Nadu"
And this includes you, me, your family, friends, my family and friends. And it is unsettling to know that this creepy terror from Tamil Nadu has spread quickly to Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. We may not realize it immediately and but this a subtle message from the Government which allowed ban on this movie after listening to certain fractions of the society. Here is a movie which shows Afganistan, terrorist outfits of Afganistan, a plot which is positive in saving people from those terrorists and there are people in our society who want that to be removed? If people who demanded that movie be banned made their point after watching this movie, then my conclusion is those groups are supporting  certain terrorists from Afganistan. Simple, religion does not come into picture here. And government is not protecting people from the extremists, but in fact it is helping the extremists and harming the people. That's my take on the whole episode and this is grave. Since a lot happened with this movie and too many speculations going around, let me add my own views to some of these, because it concerns me.

DTH Delay

Theater owners feared that piracy would be easy if it is released in DTH on the same day it was releasing in theaters. I agree to the theater owners standpoint and can understand their need to protect their business. All business can work out win-win situation for themselves and win-lose situation in a two person business is not going to be help anyone. I hope, that the rivaling parties worked out a win-win situation for their business and no one trying to take a lion's share at the expense of other.

Calling for Ban two days before the movie

I am aghast. What can you say about this action which is not based any sound reason. Politics?

Government and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's role.

We do not know Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers role in the episode, but as a leader is representative of the actions taken by the subordinates, I think, it is fair to assume that the present chief minister of Tamil Nadu supported the ban. If the chief minister supported the ban based on any of her personal agenda, then she has supported the people with terrorist views.

Publicity Stunt

Some people call it is a publicity stunt. If they say it is publicity stunt by  group who want the movie to be banned, then yes, it is. But they are ignoring the fact that supporting "Afgan Terrorists" for publicity and this is no joke, it is a serious issue.  If they claim that it is a publicity stunt by Kamal and producers, oh wow, can you be more imaginative than this, especially after the movie has seen so many business hurdles?

Rajnikanth's Stance

Rajnikanth's voice comes in press too because he is respectable person. In this case, he asked the group which is demanding the ban to hold talks and work out a solution. Please? Do you see their point of supporting Afgan terrorists and do you want your friend Kamal to give to them?

What can I do?

My influence surrounds the area of software and  the articles that I write. What I can do to the injustices that I see around. My take is,  I can act. I can write boldly and I can support the people who are against the injustices. There is much to be learned when a nobel experiment faces political hardships, when people inflict harm on others with personal agendas. There is much to do to make our society a safe one to live. Being bold definitely counts towards it.