Supplying Values

Many software developer know about ths schism between proprietary software and open-source software. Some software developers involved with community aspects of software development know the schism between open source software and free software.

Free software is the philosophy promoted by Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project. Deep thinkers with long foresight can really identify with the philosophy, and might even proclaim that it is right one.

While agreeing to the philosophy of GNU, many developers do not say that philosophy is at the forefront of the development. They call Linux instead of GNU/Linux.

There is a new article on RMS is titled The Sorcerers Code which revisits that perennial debate. In that, I found that Linus Torvalds stance on not supplying values to people, that is keeping philosophy at the forefront.

He argues that the best way to change most people’s behavior is “not to try to mess with their value premises,” but to offer practical incentives; they’ll then self-supply new values to rationalize their new behavior.

That's an interesting thought and I would agree to that.

For Stallman, moralism is the whole point. If you write or use free software only for practical reasons, you’ll stop when it’s inconvenient, and freedom will disappear.

That's an argument,if we imbibe on the advantages of the values (openness and freedom) while it was convenient to adopt it, it would be difficult to take it away, isn't it? People wont give it up once they know the advantages of freedom and openness. Does that put convenience in adopting a value at the top for masses?


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