Ignore Poor Spelling and Grammer, if you are about to read this

Had pushed a lot of extra work for the weekends, but everything vaporized :)

yeah, ofcourse glanced through some, like the patent application from Ed, quick go through of the 1855MC presentation which I have to give on tuesday.

Missed going through rpm docs, test case revisions (some 22 comments are there), some office work completion.

Went to office on Saturday for a brief period, could regress one issue which demanded quite a lot of setup time but then started playing around with a favorite game of mine:Blade of Darkness. I remember, I used to play this a lot when at home, my sisters too enjoy it. The codemasters, the company which develops the game has a tag "Genius at Play ". :)

Now friends, thinking about calling Gowri and Susila; missed again.I have put the SIM in my mobile. Probably first thing tommorow should be this work.

Got two VCDs, Anbe Sivam and I,ROBOT.

Anbe Sivam was interesting. I liked the intial jokes between Kamal and Madhavan a lot. Like... Madhavan is frantic for making a call and is already disgusted with Kamal who speaks a lot and interupts him again and again. Madhavan has burst his Cell phone by plugging in a wet Cell and talks to the receptionist of the hotel for making a call.

Madhavan: Can I make a STD Call?

Other end: No Sir,

M:Trunk Call?

O: No,Sir.







M:Post Man?


Kamal Interrupts: Pura ( Pegion).

Madhavan: Pura?

Madhavan turns;looks at Kamal, wondering!

These are funny things, but film as a whole has lot scenes which have very deep meaning. While thinking about this later, I thought kamal should have given his role to someone else; the story would have come forth more to the audience.

I am by no means denying Kamals role; but thought that putting the flim and the meaning about everything else. Kamal, we see as an accomplished actor and this was yet another good piece. But, how would it have been if Nalla Sivam was some other actor with A.Arasu? Hard to Imagine, right? No, I am justing trying the ways in which the movie's meaning should have come forth more prominently.


Well, well well. Saturday then, a bit of Uthcode and Sunday's morning till afternoon was on the same. I am glad that I have completed the Chapter 5 of K&R. Recursive Decent Parser Problem's had me gasping for a long time. Now, just gone past it.Revisions on it will probably make more confortable with it.

Called Giri for a freakout and guy was already roaming with other friends when I called in. Slept a little at home and was thinking, If I dont enjoy today ( go out today) then it will be a tough week ahead! So called Parthi. We had planned to go to Giri's home this Sunday. but missed (as usual). So, we dropped in at MG, went to Shark Tales! had a pop corn, a burger, 2 coffee's in between. After the movie, went to Amoeba: tried Dance Dance Revolution each,watched the bowling there for some time. Food world and coffee again, this time at Barista :). Spent talking a while and it was 10 already.

Returned home and scribbling this.

Hey, someone reading till this line:Read the book "five point someone". It is very interesting!!, spent some time on it as well :)

(Hope this blog answers to all(mom,aunt.sis'ers,friends),who might be thinking what the hell I was doing without giving a call)


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