Slashdot Party at Madurai

{H,F}ello /. ers!

I will be at my home town, Madurai, on 13th October and I was looking for Slashdot party at Madurai and could not find one, so I decided to host one myself and invite Madurai geeks for the meet.


Anna Nagar Cafe Coffee Day.


5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Party Link:

If we get going, then we shall:

  • Have some fun discussions.

  • Cut the Cake.

  • Enjoy the evening.

Hope you will be able to make it, let me know if you have some ideas. (Either comment on this post or email me at orsenthil at gmail dot com)

Thank you.


I convinced my sister and my cousin to come along for a coffee and we all went there. btw both of them can be considered geeks as I have seen my sister twidling with computer a lot before she decided to pursue her Dental Studies, and my cousin aged 11 was playing with Nintendo DS lite in full swing. We had good time and had a cake cheering slashdot. :)


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