30 years of K&R is being celebrated.


30 years of K&R is being celebrated.

This is an important book our life time and Inform IT has an article on "Leading Programmers Remember the Impact of The C Programming Language"

Roughly around 10 years ago to get myself into Software Development, I started solving all the problems at the end of the K&R book and bootstrapped my Project Uthcode for the third time.  I can safely say that it turned out be successful and I owe greatly to this one book.

Later when I started contributing to Python, I focussed mostly on Python and standard library which is written in Python.  Noticing how other programmers went about with CPython core, I wanted to re-read it to get into K&R get into implementation and design. That has not happened yet, but I am planning for it sometime soonish. I can get back and rely on K&R, plus I will have my experience to draw upon.


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