Papanasam is the first movie wherein I noticed that Kamal Hassan as a character in the movie didn't make any fun of god. In fact, in one scene wherein he tussles with the inspector at the tea shop, he refers to people as capable of being judged only by "the almighty". That's more philosophical, but in a later scene he mocks a cinema operator as "Nee yeena Karuppu Sattai ya?" (Are you an atheist?)  taking the opposite stance he usually plays on the subject.

The movie is same as Drishyam and I didn't mind watching it again in Tamil. What I liked about the whole thing was even an accomplished actor like Kamal agreeing to act ditto and not shying away from a remake. This, in my opinion, is a credit both to the story as well as to the creative artist who wants to do the same project in a different language because the project itself is a brilliant one.


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