Language Instinct

It looks like children can learn multiple languages, and they can understand the structure of words used in language. Today we visited an ice-cream shop, and after enjoying ice-cream, Siddhartha said:

Siddhartha: I like the ice-cream.

Shalini: Say it in Sourashtra.

Siddhartha: Ice-cream love-ares.

The way his mind seems to have worked is. He placed the Subject of the sentence first, as it is usually in Sourashtra.

He did not know the equivalent of "like" in Saurashtra. So, he used the English word "love" and added the suffix "ares", which means, "being".

Correct translation should be: Ice-cream opa-ares.

It's interesting how close he was in constructing a sentence by intuitively forming the grammar and creating words using smaller parts.

I think, adults do this too.


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