A Week Of Violence - July 9, 2016

Police shooting of the black men were disturbing. There are videos on the internet, I suggest that you don't watch them, it just does not help. The men were shot for no-good reason and if I have take an alternate stance, it is probably because the police officer had fear and hatred towards the other person that he shot them.

There are no excuses for the police officers who shot the black men. They should be jailed for their life term for this act.

Later, the protest in Dallas to condemn the shooting, some people, who carried guns, which is legal in US, shot at the officers and killed 5 of them. This is equally brutal. In addition, police used a robot to kill the suspect too.

I had to recollect "Gandhi's message of peace" that many Indians have been thought since childhood. It seems to me that folks who cite, "Second Amendment" will really not understand either Gandhi's or Christ's message to mankind.


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