Yashwant Kanetkar - Let Us C

I came across an article on Yashwant Kanetkar, and it rekindled many of my fond memories.

Let Us C is not merely a book, but a bible for millions of programmers in India.

That is true for me. I had read it during years 2000-2002, and I kept a count of it. I read, solved all the problems in that book for more than 100 times.

It has helped me a lot and I am indebted to that book.

The article on Yashwant Kanetkar was published in a Indian magazine, I made a copy of it, because, as you can imagine, I will cherish it.

I also watched a short talk by Yaashwant Kanetkar in which he explores his journey, and has some words of advice for programmers from India.


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